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      collaborative works: Marc Alperstein and Amélie Scalercio

image: Zack Musarsa

Artist statement:
Collaborative practice that seeks to document a conversation or argument that exists between two wills
struggling to impose their presence - their mark into an act. It is necessary that these works engage in
collaborative practice to record the struggle that ensues in this dynamic exchange, one that could not exist
if operating in solitude.

With an emphasis on process, the artists set out to work simultaneously on a piece using set structures
which allow for individual variation yet curtail the realisation of subjective intention. Through this process
neither participant can claim any personal ownership for any mark created, as both artists have been
directly and indirectly involved. What results is an argumentative dialogue and a lack of control that forces
compromise between the artists. Through this restriction a form of 'freedom' is established that allows
neither artist to create a subjective response, attempting to dissolve the subject/object duality that is still
prevalent in Western art. In these collaborative works the process takes priority over the final outcome of
the work.

Between you and me
Between you and me

Between you and me. video stills.


[left] split-030606. video still [right] split-030606-BL1. digital print. 120 x 95cm.


command return return' (video still)

Drawing perfromance
Drawing performance

image: Zack Musarsa