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cylinder (2002)

Graduate Exhibition.
Monash University, Caulfield campus, Melbourne. 2002.

2 x televisions, 2 x dvd players. (looped)

'cylinder' is an enquiry in implied space. The piece played with the idea of a cylinder travelling from the
inside of one television screen through a physical gap and into an adjoining screen. The cylinder would
then bounce back repeating this travelling process at varying speeds. The space that rests between the
two television sets took on the main focus of the piece - with a greater emphasis on the space surrounding
the work (the void) than the space depicted on the screen.

Choice of subject among other things was based on a reduction of form down to basic primary shapes.
A cylinder bouncing back and forth in a reflective box best simulated the implied space of a television as
well as reducing the work down to the primary idea.